We know that when you need service done on your power tools, at Jamex Industries Inc., we want you to feel confident that the job will be done right and convenient. We can take care of all your needs! Yo don't need to move a finger, remember; We are commited to give you the best service!

Our factory-trained technicians can work on most name-brand power tools.

  • Corded
  • Cordless
  • Gasoline
  • Pneumatic

Your power tools will be repaired using genuine parts.

We'll provide you with an estimate before your tools are repaired.

We can pickup and deliver your power tools from any Chicago area and some suburbs.

(Some Restrictions may apply)

You need parts only? Contact Us.


Thank you for your interest! 

Bosch Tool6.jpgStone Lifting Clamp.jpgRubber Boot Black.jpgWhip Check Safety Cables.jpgZipWall.jpgwarning-sign1.jpgMilwTool4.jpgSafety Harnes with Lineyard.jpgTilt Truck.jpgRubber Boot Yellow.jpgGenerator.jpgSafety Vest.jpgICS RedSaw.jpgBosch Tool5.jpgBosch Tool1.jpgBosch Tool3.jpgFlammable Cabinet.jpgTsurumi Pumps.jpgPennants1.jpgwarning-sign3.jpgSafety Cones.jpgBosch Tool10.jpgDischarge hose.jpgBosch Tool9.jpgcaution-sign2.jpgdanger-sign2.jpgReusable Anchor.jpgPennants2.jpgDewalt Tool2.jpguntitled.JPGDewalt Tool4.jpgRuwac Vac.jpgLaser Level1.jpgMilwTool7.jpgLaser Level2.jpgMilwTool8.jpgDewalt Tool7.jpgPallet Jack.jpgMilwTool5.jpgBosch Tool7.jpgMilwTool1.jpgLanyard with Rope Grab.jpgDewalt Tool1.jpgDewalt Tool8.jpgIndustrial Fan.jpgDrywall Cart.jpgMilwTool2.jpgDewalt Tool3.jpgcaution-sign1.jpgFein_Vacuum.jpgMilwTool3.jpgAir Mover.jpgwarning-sign2.jpgDewalt Tool6.jpgTorpedo Heater2.JPGDewalt Tool5.jpgBosch Tool2.jpgbarricade_type1.jpgBosch Tool8.jpgAir Mover2.jpgdanger-sign3.jpgdanger-sign1.jpgMilwTool6.jpgMilw_Vacuum.jpgArbortech2.jpgBosch Tool4.jpgFein Multimaster.jpg